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Legacy Lovebirds; It is Just Kind of Magic

By Lisa Nicklanovich; courtesy photos

Photo of Ruth Moran and Bob Frimodig

Ruth Moran and Bob Frimodig met six months ago and fell in love at Legacy Village. They were married in Las Vegas last November. Their appearance and their energy belie their ages of 90 and 84.

On a bus trip from Legacy Village in Castle Pines to Hudson Gardens last summer, Ruth Moran spotted an empty seat next to a gentleman she thought looked “pretty neat.” Ruth had noticed him at breakfast a couple of times, and it turns out, he had noticed her too.

The gentleman, Bob Frimodig, said, “We chatted the entire bus ride, and at the gardens we went off by ourselves and really hit it off.”

Bob asked Ruth to dinner at Duke’s Steakhouse the following night, and Ruth said, “I thought about it for one second and said ‘yes.’”

After knowing each other for one month, the two lovebirds took a trip to Las Vegas together and had a great time. While living down the hall from each other in separate apartments at Legacy Village, Ruth shared, “We were traipsing back and forth down the hall, and we thought, ‘Why wear down the carpet?’” Bob soon moved into Ruth’s larger apartment, which worked well for both of them.

Bob brought up getting married and instead of causing a big commotion, he said they decided to get married in Las Vegas and not tell anyone beforehand, except one person at Legacy Village. After getting their marriage license, they went to a little wedding chapel for a short ceremony. The couple had known each other less than four months, but at age 84 (Bob) and 90 (Ruth), they knew they had found something special.

Bob and Ruth said they gave the idea of marriage serious thought and knew they wanted to take care of and be responsible for each other, especially considering they want to do some traveling. With a sparkle in their eyes and a soft chuckle, both Bob and Ruth said they couldn’t be happier.

Bob had a career in aerospace engineering management. He has two surviving children of three, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. It was his daughter who lives in Larkspur that encouraged him to leave the east coast and move to Colorado in October 2019.

Ruth raised eight children in Vail and owned a tailor shop called The Stitchery that she ran for 35 years. Ruth has 16 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

One of her daughters who lived in Castle Pines for 30 years, suggested she look into Legacy Village. Ruth’s daughter now lives in Larkspur, not far from Bob’s daughter. The couple recently took their daughters to tea at Cherokee Ranch & Castle to meet each other.

Photo of Ruth Moran and Bob Frimodig with Kiwi

Bob and Ruth are energetic and active; they walk their Australian labradoodle named Kiwi

Bob and Ruth are energetic and active; they walk their Australian labradoodle named Kiwi (pictured right) every day. “I wouldn’t miss a day!” exclaimed Ruth, who has been part of a skiing and hiking group in Vail called The Dauntless Dames since 1977.

Bob said, “The fact that we care for each other so strongly at this point in our life, it’s just kind of magic. We just fell in love.”



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