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Random acts of kindness

Photo of Tiffany Ball, pictured with her family, shared her Random Acts of Kindness

Tiffany Ball, pictured with her family, shared her Random Acts of Kindness experience in Castle Valley: “We have been through some things since moving here and we have had treats, dinners, cards, baked goods and visits to make sure we were okay. We worked together to make sure our kids were okay when we were all home…we had people willing to babysit, tutor, mow our lawn — all on the same block. This neighborhood is incredible.”

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week February 15-21 and RAK Day February 17 by showing appreciation for others, taking action when others are in need and instilling kindness in the community.

Resident Judy Manley shared, “Castle Valley is full of random acts of kindness! The surprises were wonderful – my neighbors dropping by items we couldn’t find during lockdown; delivering groceries to each other; trading eggs for toilet paper; and recently a fellow working mom sending over dinner after she heard about me having a bad day!”

In addition, the following RAK were all compiled from community members and forums and may help inspire others to do the same:

  • Mailed a card or note to a friend just because I was thinking of them
  • Sewed a stuffed animal for a stranger on a community forum
  • Gave breakfast to a homeless person
  • Visited with the postal delivery person
  • Brought soup to a co-worker on maternity leave
  • Checked in on someone who lives alone
  • Offered childcare for working parents
  • Sent an email of gratitude to teachers
  • Carried an extra garbage bag and gloves on walks and picked up garbage
  • Donated blood for the first time
  • Shoveled snow off a neighbor’s sidewalk
  • Sent an email to a friend on the anniversary of a loss
  • Gave an extra big tip to a server at a restaurant
  • Let the person behind me in line at the grocery store go ahead of me
  • Told a mom with a crying baby she’s doing a good job
  • While neighbors were away, looked out for package deliveries and kept an eye on their house
  • Donated to a food pantry (asked what they needed first)
  • Dropped off candy to a neighbor who is a frontline worker (their favorite)
  • Captured a spider and took it outside
  • Dropped off leashes and blankets to a dog shelter
  • Brought homemade muffins to a sad friend
  • Left a “tail” on the dog bag dispenser so the next person can take one easily
  • Gave a small plant to an elderly neighbor
  • Picked up abandoned poops on a walk
  • Made a recording singing Happy Birthday and sent it to a friend on her birthday
  • Sent cupcakes to a teenager stuck at home learning online
  • Bought a few items on a teacher’s wish list
  • Helped someone with their resume

For more information and resources, visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation – a nonprofit based in Denver that invests its resources into making kindness the norm – at



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