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Storm drainage areas ready for winter and years to come

Article and photo by Patte Smith

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) contracted with a storm drainage company to clean up and reconstruct two drainage areas adjacent to a stretch of I-25 near Castle Pines and the Surrey Ridge neighborhood. The CDOT approved plan had been delayed for the last year and a half.

The drainage pond on Clydesdale Road is a habitat for red-winged blackbirds. The foreman on the job stated, “When we first were getting started with the reclamation, nests with red-winged blackbird eggs were found so the work was postponed for quite a while. We have now cleared out dead trees, cut down the reeds that will grow back for the bird’s habitat, and replaced the old drainage pipe. The area is now more sanitary, and the ground that had been saturated over time with oil and gas residue is improved with new soil.”

The team will continue the work on the other drainage area gully located on the east side of I-25 on South Havana Street – just to the north of the Glendale Open Space.

Photo of storm drainage reclamation

The storm drainage reclamation crew discusses the last few items that need to be addressed before the job is complete.



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