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Thinking inside the box

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of DCS Montessori

Photo of third grader installing a stick of RAM

Third grader Cabe installs a stick of RAM to his new laptop purchased for remote learning.

Our community schoolteachers and students have embraced remote learning. Separated by stay-at-home orders, learning has moved from the traditional classroom to a bedroom, the family room or even the kitchen counter. Students may feel boxed inside their new environment. In spite of limitations, DSC Montessori (DCSM) has had plenty of fun and exciting school days thinking “inside” the box.

Daily classroom aactivities continue, but have relocated inside to the student’s new learning environments. For science, third grader Cabe Anderson learned the importance of grounding himself before rebuilding and upgrading a computer to prevent getting an electrical shock. Part of the lesson was naming the parts of the computer. After the upgrade, he now has a high-end computer to use with his remote learning.

While students are completing lessons, they are also practicing life skills by helping parents. DCSM students are inspired for life, even as they think inside the box.

Photo of first grader shows her completed hand puppets

First grader Emma shows her completed art project of hand puppets constructed from household items.

Photo of first grader halping at home

First grader Liam helps at home watering plants and assisting in the kitchen.



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