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Catalina Island Marine Institute welcomes American Academy

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Chris Todd

Photo of Eighth grade students from American Academy campuses Castle Pines

Eighth grade students from American Academy campuses Castle Pines, Motsenbocker and Lincoln Meadows arrived at Catalina Island ready for a week of science adventure

Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) at Toyon Bay happily welcomed American Academy (AA) seventh and eighth grade students with an exciting week of science adventure working outside of their traditional life science classroom. Students from all three campuses were immersed in the field of aquatic ecosystems, working side by side with experts in the field of marine science.

Photo of Chayse Joram held a sea urchin ,

Castle Pines campus student Chayse Joram held a sea urchin as part of the invertebrate lab where Chayse and her team handled marine invertebrates.

Students were guided through island terrestrial biology, marine biology labs and several field activities which taught them how to work together in small teams to meet goals while also learning to get along with others in group living situations.

AA Castle Pines campus student Emmory Casto said her experience in Catalina was remarkable and an incredible trip for all the students. She felt the CIMI staff were wonderful, and the activities were especially exciting.

AA students Students enjoyed an evening snorkeling.

Students enjoyed an evening snorkeling under the cool ocean water while experiencing bioluminescence.




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