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Promoting literacy…

…through the Little Free Library

Article and photos by Carin R. Kirkegaard

Photo of Michael Dauro installs the new Little Free Library

Michael Dauro installs the new Little Free Library at the corner of Oxford Drive and Malvern Court in Castle Pines.

Resident Michael Dauro made it a little easier for neighbors in the Kings Crossing subdivision of Castle Pines to pay it forward and share a good book. Dauro installed a Little Free Library (LFL) along the sidewalk at Oxford Drive and Malvern Court.

In 2009, the LFL phenomenon started in Hudson, Wisconsin and quickly spread across the entire Midwest. The concept is a small wooden box shaped like a house that sits on a post; it sort of resembles a birdhouse. People with a good book to share can leave it in the house and/or take a book they’d like to read.

The LFL is a worldwide nonprofit with more than 100,000 boxes placed across multiple countries. This year, the organization received the World Literacy award for its significant global contributions.

Photo of Little Free Library stocked with books

Stocked with books, the Little Free Library is already providing a place for residents to share some of their favorite books and allowing them to borrow a new adventure.

With three young children, the Dauro family has a nanny that helps out with childcare throughout the work day. Their nanny grew up in Minnesota and was well versed in the benefits of a having a LFL in the neighborhood. She gifted the Dauro family a LFL toolkit to put up their own wooden box.

After receiving the green light from the City of Castle Pines, Dauro, with a post hole digger in hand, spent a warm spring afternoon putting in the LFL. Having served in the military overseas, Dauro has witnessed firsthand the struggles of those living in impoverished areas. He appreciates the opportunities an education can provide and is passionate about passing that on.

“Education is the key for getting out of some really hard circumstances,” Dauro said. “In a time where we can’t control much, let’s at least share the knowledge of books.”



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