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Dog park renovations begin –

Glendale Farm Dog Park

Article and photos by Patte Smith

Photo of Glendale Farm Open Space and Trail from Pikes Peak to Longs Peak

A view from the top of the Glendale Farm Open Space and Trail from Pikes Peak to Longs Peak – the stunning snowy peaks of the Front Range mountains.

Arf arf and big arf – dog language for great news – pooches and pals rejoice. The incredibly popular Glendale Farm Dog Park on the South Havana Street frontage road is being renovated.

Planned in two phases, construction of Phase 1 is underway with the addition of a new southern parking lot that is expected to be completed in eight to 10 weeks. During construction, the northern parking lot is open for access to the park.

Phase 2, the reconstruction of the northern parking lot and Glendale Farm Open Space Trail, will begin once Phase 1 is complete. The northern parking lot and the open space trail will be temporarily closed during this time. The southern lot will be open for parking and access to the dog park.

“I take our dog Livy to the dog park a lot,” smiled 14-year old Alex from Surrey Ridge. “She loves to run and smell everything. We sometimes hike up to the rock formations too. We call the large rock sticking out “turtle head.”

Photo of ever-popular Glendale Farm Dog Park

Dog owners trek around the ever-popular Glendale Farm Dog Park on a beautiful Colorado day.

Renovations to the park that hosts 330,000 visitors and four-legged family members each year includes trail improvements, new dog water stations, additional parking, and other accessibility improvements.

When complete, visitors can enjoy improved drainage and erosion control and reduced foul odor and muddy conditions. Native plants and natural resources will be protected while reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

While work is being completed, only active construction sites will be closed.

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Take a hike, really!

Fasten the dog leash on a furry friend and hike the Glendale Farm Open Space and Trail 1.6-mile loop above the dog park for a picturesque view that gently winds up through scrub oaks to a higher prairie. Snap some photos of the incredible Front Range mountain views that stretch from Pikes Peak to Longs Peak and beyond. Along the way, hike over to the unique rock formations and continue down to the lower path to catch sight of a tree with colorful flowing ribbons.



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